Saturday, 17 June 2017

PYO Strawberries Raspberries Gooseberries and Courgettes!

Due to the lovely warm weather we have now started our PYO Raspberries( £7.25/kg), Gooseberries  (£4.99/kg)and Courgettes (£1.85/kg)
We still have lots of PYO Strawberries at £4.99/kg and will soon have more Broad Beans when our 2nd crop starts in a week or so.
We are open every day including Sundays from 9-7 pm and the Tea Barn is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9-5pm for delicious lunches and teas.
So come and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful views from our farm.
 Happy Picking and see you soon!
 Best wishes

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