Friday, 30 October 2009

Pumpkins and Squash!

Come and see our fantastic selection of Pumpkin and Squash! Lots to choose from and recipes ideas available as well!
We are now taking orders for Christmas Organic free-range Turkeys, Geese and Capons if you are already planning Christmas you can book your bird !
We are now open Monday- Saturday 9-5pm and Sundays 9-1pm.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pumpkins and Squash! (And still more Raspberries and Beans!!)

We have now harvested our delicious Pumpkin and Squash and have a fantastic display of them outside our Farm Shop (see photo).

We are now open 9-5:00 Monday- Saturday and 9-1pm on Sundays!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Beans, Beans, Beans........and Autumn Raspberries, Strawberries , Blackberries and more!

We have now got a fantastic crop of Runner and French Beans as well as lots of delicious Autumn Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries! We still have Plums as well as Marrows and Courgettes. As long as this dry September weather lasts our soft fruit crops will just keep on coming so hurry along and PYO and fill up your freezer or make jam for the winter ahead !
We are now open from 9am-5:30 every day and you can also order some of our products
on-line at
so take a look and shop local from the comfort of your own home!
Best wishes

Friday, 14 August 2009

Victoria Plums and lots more!

We are now picking our delicious Victoria Plums! The Czar and Opal have now finished but Marjories and Damsons will be following soon! We still have lots of Blueberries and Blackberries and our Autumn Bliss Raspberries are just starting and look good!
In the vegetable line we now have French Beans, Runner Beans, Carrots , Courgettes, Marrows and have just started Sweetcorn!
So come along and enjoy the summer sunshine, fill up your freezer or pick for jam and chutney making and keep the children busy at the same time!
We are opne every day 9-7pm until the end of August when we revert to 9-5:30 opening hours.
Don't forget Wednesday is Discount Day with 10% off all PYO prices!
Happy Picking!

Friday, 24 July 2009


We have now started PYO Czar Plums (£1.49 /kg) and will soon be starting Opal and Avalon Plums, with Victorias following mid to late August!
We have lots of Raspberries, Blueberries Blackberries and stll some Black Currants. In the vegetable line we have Carrots, Courgettes, Marrows, French Beans with Runner Beans starting next week.
Don't forget that Wednesday is Discount Day with 10% off all PYO prices and look out for our Daily Telegraph offer in August for special PYO discounts!
Best wishes

Plums Recipes below!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blueberries and Summer Blackberries!

We have just started picking our delicious Blueberries (PYO price £4.95/kg) and also our Summer Blackberries (£3.25 /kg).
We still have wonderful Raspberries (£4.95 /kg), Red and Black Currants (£3.10/kg) as well as Tayberries, Loganberries and Sunberries (£4.45 /kg), Strawberries (£3.50 kg) and Rhubarb (£1.98 kg).
In the vegetable line we have Courgettes (£1.37 /kg), Carrots (98p/kg), Calabrese (£1.95 /kg)
Broad Beans (1.98 /kg) and Marrows (60p each).
It is looking good for a great (and early!) Plum season so watch this space!
Don't forget that we are open every day 9am-7pm and Wednesday is discount day with 10% off all PYO prices! So come along for some fresh air, fill your freezer and keep the children busy with a lovely outing to our PYO farm!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

All the Summer Fruits..........Loganberries and Tayberries just starting!!

Well it is really bonanza time for soft fruit on Durleighmarsh Farm!! We have masses of delicious Tayberries and Loganberries just starting (£4.45 /kg), Red and Black Currants (£3.10 /kg) Raspberries (£4.95 /kg) Gooseberries (£2.98 /kg) and we still have Strawberries (£3.50/kg).
Our delicious Dessert Gooseberries (£3.98/kg) have just started but come soon if you want to pick some as the season is very short!
Our Blueberries will be starting in a week or so so watch this space!! We still have delicious Broad Beans (£2.98/kg) and other vegetables such as Calabrese and Courgettes are starting very soon! (All prices are for PYO crops). Our Asparagus season has now finished.
Don't forget that we are open from 9am-7pm every come along in the cool of the day and enjoy the late sunshine ! Wednesday is discount day with 10% off all PYO prices. We also give a 10% discount if you pick 5kg or more of any one crop so come along and stock up your freezer!!
July is the month of the Hampshire Food Festival and at Durleighmarsh Farm Shop we are running a Fruit and Vegetable Quiz! Come along to the Farm Shop and pick up a quiz....the lucky winner will win 2 hours fruit and vegetable picking for 2 people!
Happy Picking!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Raspberries and Black Currants Starting Now!

We are now starting our delicious Raspberries and Black Currants! Our wonderful crop of Strawberries is still continuing as are our Gooseberries, Red Currants and Broad Beans!
We are now into our last week of Asparagus so come along and make the most of it before the season ends!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Strawberries, Gooseberries, Red Currants, Broad Beans!

We are having the most fantastic Strawberry season with a bumper crop of fruit (PYO Strawberries are £3.50/kg) We have also just started PYO Red Currants at £3.10/kg and still have lots of Gooseberries at £2.98 kg. Our delicious Broad Beans are £1.98 kg.
We will soon be starting our Raspberry harvest!
Don't forget that Wednesday is discount day with 10% off all PYO prices. We also give a 10% discount when you pick 5kg or more of any one crop.
We still have Asparagus available in the Farm Shop and this should go on until the end of June!
Happy Picking!
Best wishes

Friday, 29 May 2009

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries and Gooseberries!

The wonderful May sunshine has brought on our delicious strawberries and gooseberries so now is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and come along to our fruit fields and Farm Shop for an afternoon out! PYO Strawberries are £3.50 /kg and Gooseberries are £2.98/kg. We are open every day from 9-5:30 and from 1st June we are open from 9-7pm every day !
Follow the link below for some delicious Gooseberry recipes!


We still have lots of delicious Asparagus in the Farm Shop plus a wide range of Herbs and Cottage Garden plants as well as our own Alstromeria and Pinks!
Look forward to seeing you soon!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

PYO Strawberries and Gooseberries Ready Now!

We have now started our PYO Strawberries (£3.50/kg) and Gooseberries (£2.98/kg)!
So come and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fantastic views of the South Downs and pick some delicious summer fruit!
We still have our lovely Asparagus and also Rhubarb, Cabbages , Herbs and Cottage Garden Plants.
We are open 9-5:30 every day including Bank Holidays

Monday, 18 May 2009

Strawberries and Gooseberries ready this week!!!

Our delicious Strawberries ( Eros variety ) will be ready this week as will our Gooseberries ( Invicta variety ).
We hope to have our lovely Pick-Your-Own open by the weekend ( 23th-24th May ).
We still have lots of our delicious Asparagus and the season lasts until the end of June!
Our opening hours are 9:00-5:30 everyday.
Hope to see you soon!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

What a Fantastic Asparagus Season.......and lots more to come!!

The lovely Spring weather.......sunshine and a few showers is perfect for our Asparagus and we have a wonderful crop this year. We will be harvesting our Asparagus until the end of June so there is lots of time to treat yourself!
We will be at Petersfield Farmers Market Sunday 3rd May (10-2pm) and also at Guildford Farmers Market on Tuesday 5th May (10:30-3:30 pm) with lots of our lovely Asparagus and Rhubarb as well!
Over the Bank Holiday weekend we are open as usual 9-5:30 every day- we have lots of delicious local produce to tempt you! Why not get out your barbecue and grill some delicious Rother Valley Organics steaks and try asparagus on your barbecue as well?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Asparagus ,Asparagus ,Asparagus!!!

The warm Spring sunshine means we now have lots of our Delicious Asparagus! We now have 454g bundles for sale at £2.70 each or 2 for £5.We also have kitchen-grade baskets of Asparagus available at £4.25 for 1.36 kg- these offcuts are ideal for soup-making etc
We also have our own Rhubarb in the Farm Shop plus a whole range of delicious local fare including quiches, pies, desserts, cakes, cheeses and preserves.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Asparagus ! Hurrah!!

Our own delicious Asparagus is now ready in the Farm Shop- as this is the "first pick" it is currently sold loose and ungraded at £3.60 /kg. Bundles should be ready next week.
So come and treat yourself to the first treat of the season!
We also have our own Rhubarb and lots of delicious local produce including Rother Valley Organic Meat, Weald Smokery smoked fish, quiches, pies, desserts, caes, organic chocolate and lots more!
We are open 9-5:30 every day
Best wises

Monday, 6 April 2009

More Spring News from the Farm!

This beautiful Spring weather has brought on our Rhubarb and Purple Sprouting which is available in the Farm Shop. We also have our Spinach, Chard and lots of home-grown Herbs.
Up in the orchard the Plum blossom looks fantastic- if you are passing do call in for an orchard walk.
On the Asparagus front, the first fews spears are starting to show so we hope the harvest will start in a couple of weeks, weather depending!
Our Easter Opening hours are:
Good Friday 9-5:30
Easter Saturday 9-5:30
Easter Sunday 10-3
Back to our normal opening hours of 9-5:30 every day afer Easter!
Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Monday, 30 March 2009

More Spring News from Durleighmarsh Farm!

Well, all this sunshine has brough on our Rhubarb which is now available in the Farm Shop. The Purple Sprouting Broccoli continues to do well and we also have our tunnel-grown Swiss Chard and Spinach.
We are all getting excited about the start of the Asparagus season, traditionally May and June but in an early year it can start in late April so watch this space!!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Spring News From Durleighmarsh Farm!

With all this fantastic Spring weather, life is busy down on the farm!
Our famous Purple Sprouting and first Swiss Chard and Spinach are now available in the Farm Shop.
We have been busy planting Pinks in our poly tunnels( ready from May onwards), pruning in the orchard is progressing well and we are planting Broad Beans and other Vegetables.
Our Asparagus season is May and June but in an early year it can start in watch this space!!
Our local schools are already booking their visits for the summer term and we are looking forward to welcoming them to our "outdoor classroom"!
Best wishes

Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring is in the Air at Durleighmarsh Farm!

We are getting busy down on the Farm now that Spring is in the air! Broad bean planting, plum tree pruning and herb seed planting are all happening. It's amazing to think that we could be only 7 weeks away from our the start of our Asparagus season! However, the exact start date is always an unknown as the weather and soil conditions vary from year to year. So watch this space for the latest news from "Down on the Farm"!