Monday, 19 June 2017

PYO Blackcurrants Loganberries and Tayberries now started!

Due to the lovely hot weather our Blackcurrants (£4,99/kg) Loganberries and Tayberries (£6.25/kg) are now ready for picking! We still have lots of lovely Strawberries and our Gooseberries and Raspberries started last weekend We also have PYO Courgettes and our 2nd crop Broad Beans should start in a week.
 We still have asparagus available in the Farm Shop but it will finish at the end of June so don't leave it too long to come and treat yourself!
  Blueberries will be starting in a couple of weeks time. We
are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm so come picking in the cool of the day and enjoy the stunning views and sunshine in our PYO!
Wednesday is discount day in the PYO with 10% off all PYO prices and Wednesdays and Saturdays Andy Johnson's Fish Van is in our Farm Shop car park from 11 am to 2 pm with fabulous fresh fish!
 Happy Picking!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

PYO Strawberries Raspberries Gooseberries and Courgettes!

Due to the lovely warm weather we have now started our PYO Raspberries( £7.25/kg), Gooseberries  (£4.99/kg)and Courgettes (£1.85/kg)
We still have lots of PYO Strawberries at £4.99/kg and will soon have more Broad Beans when our 2nd crop starts in a week or so.
We are open every day including Sundays from 9-7 pm and the Tea Barn is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9-5pm for delicious lunches and teas.
So come and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful views from our farm.
 Happy Picking and see you soon!
 Best wishes

Lots of Strawberries for Picking!

We are now picking our "Symphony" variety Strawberries and there are lots of them! We are in-between crops for Broad Beans but you will still find some if you look...lots more to come in a week or so. Our Gooseberries will be starting PYO soon but due to the late May frosts we do not have a big crop of them this year. We still have some Sweet William flowers in the PYO. And lots more crops to follow on soon....Raspberries, Courgettes,Currants, Blueberries .....and more!
  Don't forget that Andy Johnson's Fish Van is in our Farm Shop car park Wednesdays and Saturdays 11-2pm with fabulous fresh fish and the Tea Barn is now open Tuesday  to Sunday 10-5pm for lunches and teas using our lovely produce.
Happy Picking

Friday, 9 June 2017

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries Ready for Picking again!

 We now have lots more lovely Strawberries (Symphony variety) available for picking at £4.99/kg.
We also have Sweet William Flowers for picking.
In the Farm Shop we still have our lovely Asparagus available as bunches or kitchen-grade baskets.
Lots more crops to follow soon!
Happy Picking!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

No PYO Strawberries today..sorry!

After an incredibly busy few days with lots of pickers, our first Strawberry crop is picked out...but don't worry we have lots ripening and there will be plenty of Strawberries again soon!
 We still have lots of Broad Beans and also Sweet William Flowers for PYO and still lots of Asparagus in the Farm shop.
We are open every day from 9 am- 7 pm
 Best wishes

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Pick Your Own Strawberries now ready!

We have now started our PYO Strawberries at £4.99/kg....hurrah! We also have PYO Broad Beans at £2.60/kg as well as Sweet William flowers.
Now it is June we are open every day from 9 am-7 pm...perfect for picking on a hot summer's day,
We still have our lovely Asparagus available in the Farm Shop and currently have both graded bundles and baskets of off-cuts.
See you soon and Happy Picking!